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We moved

Dear Honeywell Movilizer Visitor

Movilizer was acquired by Honeywell in 2016 and now became part of the Honeywell Forge suite of software offerings. That’s why we move to Honeywell.com.
As a leading developer of mobile software technology, Movilizer combines the strength of its diverse product portfolio with the brand promise of Honeywell Forge to deliver world-class solutions.
In Detail, the cloud platform connects and orchestrate any back-end system with every employee, machine or external stakeholder on the other. It offers mobile app solutions for mission-critical processes in the areas of Warehouse and Materials, Service & Maintenance, Track & Trace and Industrial IoT. The holistic approach enables process optimization, cloud collaboration and a powerful leap towards your digital transformation.

Honeywell Forge Track & Trace

Governments, law enforcement, regulators and consumers want transparent, reliable and trustworthy ‘Track & Trace’ related product data. Item serialization and track & trace is compulsory in many industries already. Honeywell Forge Track & Trace addresses the three main drivers: Regulatory Compliance, Supply Chain & Product Visibility, and Consumer Interaction.

Honeywell Forge for SAP PM/CS

The single interconnected mobile application, end-to-end connects your SAP back-end systems to your internal and external technicians, helpdesks, planners, supervisors and service managers, customers, and even to your equipment. The Movilizer Cloud manages mobility deployment, orchestrates all in-plant or in-field operations.

Honeywell Forge for SAP WM

Rather than following paper-based processes such as pick lists; your warehouse operators can be system guided and digitally capture data with our software solution suite. It’s easy to use and is designed to be device and operating system agnostic. From the mobile device, the software connects directly to your SAP system where the information is updated in real time.